Wedding Dress Flash Mob

I saw this video the other day and I loved it.

How could I not love this video?  It’s got dancing (which I love) and a ton of wedding dresses (which I also really love).

It’s a little old (from Feb 2012).  I wish I was there to jump around in one of my dresses.  I wonder how people would even find out about these things and join them?

I totally wish I could participate in something like this in the near future.  If you’re reading this and you know how to join a flash mob, please tell me about it—I’m serious.

You usually hear about this sort of thing happening in the states, but rarely in a place like Vancouver.

What a great large group photo near the end as well.

I hope one of those dancers was actually getting married that day.  What a magnificent thing to have done on a wedding day. =)

Well, it’s time for me to splurge a bunch of time on YouTube, looking for some local flash mobs that I can join.  Wish my luck!

Maybe I’ll be popping up and surprising one of you sometime soon.