Miss Universe Inspiration

I love watching the Miss Universe contests. I don’t watch to see who wins, where the contestants are from, or how they perform. There’s also a lot of drama that happens around the contest. I don’t pay any attention to any of that stuff.
I watch solely because I’m always inspired by the creativity and beauty that is put into their dresses. Which event is my favorite? If you know me by now, the answer is really obvious. You guessed it… I love the Evening Gown section of the contest.

Have a look at this gallery of Miss Universe 2013 evening gowns.

Or just do a google search for “Miss Universe Evening Gown“.

It’s actually a little secret of mine. When I’m designing a dress and get stuck in a bit of a rut, the Miss Universe Evening Gowns are a source of inspiration for me every now and then. Of course my style tends to be a little more understated and more for practical use (not for competing in national contests), but I do find it helpful to gather some ideas that I can add my own twist and style to.