jayn-sJayn comes from a very creative family and has been highly influenced by her mother.  Her mother is a very independent lady with strong skills in drawing, painting, charcoal, weaving, sculpture and knitting.

As for hobbies, Jayn enjoys physical activities such as rock climbing, dancing, yoga, cycling and even hand-gliding.  Through her maternal influences and inspiration from her physical activities, she incorporates a rich and lively character into her contemporary work.

Jayn got a fashion design degree in 1997 from program offered at Kwantlen University in Richmond BC.  After graduation, she was presented numerous awards for her accomplishments and innovative designs.

Two short years later, she returned to her hometown in Ontario and released her first collection of designer garments.  Her collection experienced immediate success when it was purchased outright by a well known establishment in her city’s Main Street.  This establishment was known for its high-end collections and working exclusively with only a select few.

Following her success, Jayn went on to pursue and specialize in high-end women’s gowns, wedding dresses and evening wear.

In just a few short years, Jayn has gone from launching her first line of clothing to the top of the Canadian fashion industry with her designs being distributed on a national scale at many of the top retailers and boutiques in the country.