Search Engine Optimization is a Necessary Evil

Promotion, Search Engine Optimization and nowadays are inseparable notions. What this means is that you just require it to be able to turn your company successful and more profitable. This is the time when, regardless of the area of your organization, you have a fairly powerful rivalry there. In such states, many company owners are […]

Finding a Flashlight You Can Rely On Every Time

Individuals have been looking for ways to create mobile light sources can always look on the Best Military Flashlights website to start off at first. The difficulty was that you had to rely on fire for light that was impractical and not safe in certain scenarios. The flashlight would soon be the solution to all […]

Tips to avoid traffic in Vancouver BC

Over the past two decades, the density of population in Vancouver has increased exponentially with the wave of immigrants settling down in Metro Vancouver, BC.  With an increase of people comes an increase in traffic on the roads. In this article we’ll explore a few strategies on navigating through Metro Vancouver efficiently, avoiding as much […]

Miss Universe Inspiration

I love watching the Miss Universe contests. I don’t watch to see who wins, where the contestants are from, or how they perform. There’s also a lot of drama that happens around the contest. I don’t pay any attention to any of that stuff. I watch solely because I’m always inspired by the creativity and […]

Wedding Dress Flash Mob

I saw this video the other day and I loved it. How could I not love this video?  It’s got dancing (which I love) and a ton of wedding dresses (which I also really love). It’s a little old (from Feb 2012).  I wish I was there to jump around in one of my dresses.  […]

Sanchez Wedding Dresses

It’s been a wonderful 8 months of consultation and designing for an amazing project involving a set of custom dresses for a Miss Monica Sanchez. Monica first came to me while her and her fiance were making their wedding plans.  She had already found a venue for both ceremony and reception, photographer, flowers and even […]