Sanchez Wedding Dresses

It’s been a wonderful 8 months of consultation and designing for an amazing project involving a set of custom dresses for a Miss Monica Sanchez.

Monica first came to me while her and her fiance were making their wedding plans.  She had already found a venue for both ceremony and reception, photographer, flowers and even a limousine service for her big day.  The last major thing she was missing was the dress.  Actually, she wasn’t just missing one dress—she was missing three, since she knew many years ago that she wanted to have three dresses on her wedding day.  One would be for the ceremony, another for the first part of the reception, and a third more versatile dress for the first dance.

The reason she had put it off until last?  She wanted the dresses to be just perfect but hadn’t found her perfect designer yet.  Monica had approached 2 other designers previous to coming to me.  “Third one’s the charm”, she said.  “What an intimidating role to live up to…” I thought when she first told me.

However, we got to talking a bit, she gave me a quick description of what she envisioned for each dress and we hit it off.  We spoke on a similar level and I felt I could envision her dresses clearly in my mind as she described them.  I was confident that I could exceed her expectations.  Only time could tell, but the good feelings she got from our first consultation session was enough for her to put her faith in me—her instincts told her that I was the one.  We exchanged information, I got her measurements and we would continue to have exchanges over the phone and email.

The Wedding Dress

wedding-dressHer wedding dress was the dress that would make the first impression and was the most important to nail perfectly.  It was the dress that we focused on first.

For her wedding dress, she wanted something that was fairly traditional in that it was long and white, but with some contemporary touches.

She wanted to fore-go the long train and veil.  In short, she wanted something comfortable, borderline casual, yet quaintly endearing and beautiful.

That is exactly what she got.

Once the first iteration was ready, I called her in to try it on for the first time.  The moment she put it on, tears came to her eyes—fortunately these were good tears.  She said it was amazing how the dress looked just like how she had pictured in her mind for so many years.

It was an incredible start, but it wasn’t perfect yet.  There were a few adjustments that had to be made.

By the time she came in the next time, the dress was perfect.  We were both generously pleased with the progress and excited to tackle the next two dresses.

The Reception Dress

reception-dressFor the reception dress, Monica wanted to go with something that was formal and sexy, with a slight vintage feel.

We went with an elegant light grey material with a sexy cut.  The diagonal piece and trim added that vintage touch to the dress.

It took a few weeks to get it right but when she came to try the dress on, Monica was simply floored.

At this point she was loving me.  “This experience has more than surpassed my expectations and these dresses are like a dream that has become reality…” she told me that day.  Thank you so much, Monica.  It has truly been my absolute pleasure.

She was ecstatic and could not wait to start on the third and final dress to complete your suite of wedding day dresses.

The First Dance Dress

dance-dressThe third and final dress was the one she’d be wearing for her first dance as a married couple.  Monica and her husband had been practicing for months.

It was a livelier dance and the dress needed to keep up with her every move.

By the third dress I had a good handle on her sense of taste.  She was looking for something similar to the reception dress (slightly vintage, formal and sexy), except a little more casual and a little simpler.

We looked at some cloth samples that I had suggested and we decided to go with a dark floral pattern—she loved it.

After our time together, we got along so well that she insisted I be there to attend her wedding.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and I was delighted to see her glimmer in all three dresses.  The dance was fantastic, by the way.

A quick thank you to the Vancouver limousine service that took care of Monica and her bridal party that day—they took such great care transporting the dresses.  It’s a seemingly small thing, but most limo companies I’ve dealt with in the past did not show nearly as much care as the company Monica hired.  Kudos to them.

Miss Universe Inspiration

I love watching the Miss Universe contests. I don’t watch to see who wins, where the contestants are from, or how they perform. There’s also a lot of drama that happens around the contest. I don’t pay any attention to any of that stuff.
I watch solely because I’m always inspired by the creativity and beauty that is put into their dresses. Which event is my favorite? If you know me by now, the answer is really obvious. You guessed it… I love the Evening Gown section of the contest.

Have a look at this gallery of Miss Universe 2013 evening gowns.

Or just do a google search for “Miss Universe Evening Gown“.

It’s actually a little secret of mine. When I’m designing a dress and get stuck in a bit of a rut, the Miss Universe Evening Gowns are a source of inspiration for me every now and then. Of course my style tends to be a little more understated and more for practical use (not for competing in national contests), but I do find it helpful to gather some ideas that I can add my own twist and style to.

Wedding Dress Flash Mob

I saw this video the other day and I loved it.

How could I not love this video?  It’s got dancing (which I love) and a ton of wedding dresses (which I also really love).

It’s a little old (from Feb 2012).  I wish I was there to jump around in one of my dresses.  I wonder how people would even find out about these things and join them?

I totally wish I could participate in something like this in the near future.  If you’re reading this and you know how to join a flash mob, please tell me about it—I’m serious.

You usually hear about this sort of thing happening in the states, but rarely in a place like Vancouver.

What a great large group photo near the end as well.

I hope one of those dancers was actually getting married that day.  What a magnificent thing to have done on a wedding day. =)

Well, it’s time for me to splurge a bunch of time on YouTube, looking for some local flash mobs that I can join.  Wish my luck!

Maybe I’ll be popping up and surprising one of you sometime soon.